Help with setup for 4K

Hi all. I used SU for a few years and joined discussions. Loved it. My company designed and built furniture and cabinetry. Alas, after 40 years of woodworking I am retired, but still doodle.
I purchased a 4K monitor (LG 27UD68) and a Quatro K2000 card. My workstation is a HP Z420 with xeon processor running windows 7pro 64 bit. I can run SU in UHD but it’s very slow. I tried 1440 resolution and it is much better, but I probably need to configure the video card, and possibly install windows 8.1 pro. I use an old (free) version of SU and would gladly upgrade if it would help.
Thanks for any help.
Rick Zook

If you are not using SketchUp for commercial purpose, you don’t need to purchase the Pro (paid) version of SketchUp. Pro version doesn’t really give you any resolution advantage. However, the newer Make (free) version accommodates high-resolution better. And the performance may improve.

Aside from SketchUp, I believe Windows also accommodates high-resolution on more recent versions. i.e. Windows 10

In regards to hardware, Quatro K2000 and Xeon isn’t the best, but i believe they will suffice general modeling.

As I do not own 4K, I can only speculate from what I have experienced with other hardwares and what I have heard. I hope this helps! :smiley:

Thanks, Jk,
I had windows 10 on this machine and it messed with the fonts especially in my 2D cad (Vcadd by TriTools).
I’v heard windows 8.1 pro is an improvement. I got the Quadro K2000 because it is compatible with the Z420.
Any advice on the v card settings?
I downloaded SU 2016 and it’s still snail slow. Could it possibly be the display cable?
Thanks again for your help.

if your CAD application requires you to have certain hardware/OS setup, I suppose you have to stick with it.
I don’t think there is much on video card settings other than different type of video card.

There is a lot of other thread that talk about Quadro cards. Typically, because they are pricier than GTX series, and do not perform better for SketchUp. But as you have said, you needed for something else, so i suppose you have to stick with it.

What model are you testing your slowness on? is it slow on just basic template as well?

You may just need better and more expensive graphics card.

I don’t think display cable would contribute so much, unless you are using some analogue cable which probably won’t support 4K at all. But what cables are you using?

What is your graphic settings in SketchUp?

Also, I had one client who had 4k monitor, but graphic card was faulty and the computer always overheated and slow whenever he used graphic applications such as SketchUp. Then, everything became fine when he got better graphics card.

The connection type makes a difference.
Vidia’s datasheet for the Quadro K2000 indicates it supports 3840x2160 resolution.
But only via the DisplayPort 1.2 Connectors

nVidia Quadro K2000 Datasheet

LG 27UD68-W

W10 is an evolution of W8.x and should not do anything other/worse regarding font handling than (dead) W8.x.

The Quadro K2000 is lame, if you don’t need’em for your other applications switch to the latetly released nVidia GF GTX 1060 (w/ 3GB VRAM from ~200 U$) preferrably in the 6GB version which also has some more CUDA cores.

Thanks all,
I changed Open GL to: 40 True Color, etc… Big difference! It works like it should. But I am skeptical now and will test the card further.
I switched cables, no change. The HP Z420, for some reason, isn’t compatible with many v cards. I will see if the
nVidia GF GTX 1060 is, and will switch. (I don’t need the Quatro card for other applications). Will also load windows 10.
Getting expert advice in this forum is, and was (when I was in business), a real pleasure.
Thanks again to joseph, Geo, and sketch3d_de.
PS: the LG 27UD68 monitor is wonderful.

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If you don’t need Quatro for other application, definitely go for GTX 1060. As @sketch3d_de said, it is just better.

Enjoy your 4K screen :smiley:

go for twin fan models of Asus or MSI and check the available power connectors of the power supply unit of your Z420, the available 600 Watts delivered by the PSU are typically sufficient.

Hi all. I don’t know how current this HP data is, but according the site, Z420 quick specs, these cards work:
High End Approved Cards
AMD FirePro V7900 2GB $200
Quadro 4000 2GB $280
Quadro 5000 2.5GB $300
Quadro 6000 6GB $800
(The Quadro K2000 I have is a mid range card $300)
I was able to talk with a HP support guy who said the GF GTX 1060 will (should) work. He said other Z series workstations use them.
Before I jump in, any comments?
Again, many thanks. Rick

the dedicated CAD graphics cards mentioned are certified to work with mid-range/high-end modelers as e.g. Catia or Creo (prev. Pro/E) etc. and are regularly not required resp. in the case of the AMD models counterproductive for SketchUp.

The hardware of the Quadro K2000 from 2013 is in the meanwhile low-end (see Passmark benchmark linked above).

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Just ordered GF GTX 1060 6G
from Newegg (best price): $289.