Best monitor for SKP? 4K?

Is Skp pro 2019 compatible with 4k display? (Windows 10, Thinkpad P51)

I would like new 4K monitor with 3840 x 2160 res.
E.g. EIZO EV2785 or NEC EA271U CT or something similar with 32"

Any advice?

I know of people using SketchUp on a 5k iMac (5120 Ă— 2880), so 4k ought to be ok.

… However, SketchUp currently only supports display scaling up to 150%.

I understand that for Windows users 4k monitor is not the best option when using Sketchup and Vray.
I am lucky to drop the question here before buying some quite expensive monitor!
Do I understand correctly, that in this case 4k monitor should have at least 40" to work properly with Sketchup?

What would be the best and most adequate monitor’s resolution vs size (for Windows + Sketchup +vray)?

Thank you for advice.

It depends totally on your eyesight. I have a 32" 4K monitor and its pixel size seems to be roughly the same as on my 15" work laptop. You typically sit farther away from a large screen so running a 4K monitor at 100% scaling often means too small text and icons. Windows “recommends” 150% scaling for my monitor but for me I find that 125% is quite practicable.

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Yes! Both on Windows10 and Mac: SketchUp works fine with 4k-Displays. (I use 2 x 27" 4k-LG-Displays)

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I bought three samsung 4k TVs (42" = A1 sheet) for my staff 3 years ago at about $500 each… great for reviewing conxtruction drawings and ran ok with sketchup… when rendering just reduce the window size to lower GPU overhead…

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