SketchUp on a 15" laptop display: FHD or 4K?

I’m going to buy a 15" mobile workstation with Quadro graphics. It is available with two displays: FHD (1920x1080) and 4K (3840x2160).

OS is Windows 10 Pro. FHD will be used with scaling at 125%, 4K with scaling at 200 or 250%.

Which display is better for SketchUp?

After recently turning 48 and as my eyes get older I would not get a 4k 15" laptop. I have a 15.6 1080 laptop (Asus N550J) that works just fine with SU. It’s a few years older but works well. If you have fresh eyes then go for it :wink:

I also have a 4K screen on my laptop, 17.3" though, permanently have the scaling set at 200% (equates to roughly HD when compared to 2nd monitor at HD) just so I can see properly.

In Hardware and Software Requirements I have read that SketchUp supports scaling only up to 150%. Have you experienced some issues with scaling set at 200% (in SketchUp or other programs)?

If you set the scaling of 4K display at 200% you get the same text size of FHD at 100%, but all is sharper. As a consequence, a 4K display (after proper scaling) could be better for your eyes…


Good to know. I’ve yet to use a 4k laptop so this was news to me.

Not that comes to mind, no.