New language pack for Sketchup

I adore Sketchup and ready to translate it into my native language Ukrainian.
Language code = uk.
Our Ukrainian Sketchup Team is eager to have this wonderful product in our native language. I’m ready to dedicate spare time with my collegues to see our native language in the next (or current 2023 ) release.
Provide instructions on how to make localization, please.
I know we can translate resources files (backup originals of course) inside Program Files folder and substitute to see result in UI but we prefere to have official language pack in our native language.


It’s Saturday, so I’m not expecting a reply soon, but I emailed a couple of colleagues who are most involved in language support in SketchUp. Hopefully they will have some suggestions.

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The warning you are showing is from an extension by @slbaumgartner which does not expect a “uk” language code.
So, this is not a specific SketchUp issue. Steve’s extension is smart enough to fallback upon “en-US”.

Steve will likely be interested in the error shown in the Ruby Console.

Two comments:

I can’t follow that link. All I get is a large web page full of ads with no sign of a SketchUp error message. So I don’t even know what extension is at fault or what message(s) need translating.

SketchUp has never provided translations for extensions. It can’t because the messages are ad-hoc to each extension. The most it ever did was supply a mechanism for managing translations each author must provide. Various extension authors have built their own to work around limitations of the “official” one.

Here is the image:

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If you (@forwov ) want, I can provide a list of the phrases that are set up for translation in Angular Dimension 2. If you translate them I may be able to add them to the extension. There is no way for you to add them to the SketchUp app itself as that is not where they come from.

Thank you Steve. Send please. We’ll get NORMAL angles indication as it should be :point_up: in standard Sketchup package :point_up:, at least.

q1. encoding.
q2. copyright.
I use WinMerge but there are a lot of alternatives.
Than use sublime text. Open folder and do batch renaming. It takes a lot of time to find all the instances by hand.
It would be nice to have one common json file or csv for translations. Can developers provide me with the most complete variant of such file? English varant with the most translated variant from other language (no matter wich) I can find instances easily and substitude where necessary.
The most time consuming part is locating strings among many folders. If there were a unified translation standard file that would save much time for tranlators.

I’ve extracted russian language pack (the closest for understanging) and search language specific letter and found the file I need but the version seems to be not updated since 2020 or that was just unattentiveness of package collectors? The name of msi i used is SketchUpLanguage-2023-0-397-152-ru.msi wich i found at

installed with following parameters: SketchUpStudioFull-2023-0-397-152.exe/silent FEATURES=de INSTALLDIR=C:\Apps\Sketchup2023de
extracted language pack msi but the same 2020 year.

Sorry for misleading our language code is UK

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This is not possible. There are too many extensions and too many extension authors.
It is the extension author’s responsibility to provide the translations for their extension(s).

Привіт @forwov . Радий, що є люди, які хочуть зробити добру справу).
I worked on the translation of OpenCutList into Ukrainian. It would be good to have a resource like Transifex OpenCutList localization | Transifex to translate Sketchup.
But we will wait for Monday and some kind of answer from the development team).

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I’ve searched the forum on translation specific topics. And it seems to me you don’t have well organized localization strategy as well as deployment system. Guess I’ve choosen wrong topic name. Do you plan to support offline software?

Just to clarify… are you talking about translating SKETCHUP, or extensions? This thread has been weaving around and I am not sure anymore.

As for SketchUp’s localization process, it is well planned for and extensive, as is the process of choosing what languages we support and how we get translations done.

As for extensions, as mentioned, that is the responsibility of each extension developer. They can choose to translate into as many, or few languages as they desire.

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Thanks for your reply. This topic is about official language pack for Sketchup itself. Our condename ‘uk’ (Ukraine).
Just mentioned in this topic that I added desktop link parameter “-lang uk” (as our language was not in official list) and figured out that different from officially supported codename in link may help to distinguishing plugins that cause hanging Sketchup and lead to appchashes. Steve, your plugin is ok. That was just an example. Wish it could be “merged” into official Sketchup package.
Don’t know why discussing plugins took so much attention.
Than I reinstalled Sketchup from schatch (remember i rejected update notification previosly) and now ruby console returns the code I pass in parameters. Thanks Steve for help.
Do you need only Localizable.strings file or the whole resource folder translation?
Can you provide some gegex to separate only translation phrases or generate a list of actual wordsto be translated. That would greatly increase translation process. And if you provide script (based on regex as an example) for putting that translated list back (line by line) that would make translation of any unsupported language MUCH EASIER. Separate translation process so translators could concentrate only on translation, but not editing thousand of lines of code. Automation is the key to success.

Isn’t Ukraine’s code UA ?

(I guess, to avoid confusion with the brits?)

which one shall we use?
search iso inurl:country_codes (google)

It would be :


UK = language
UA = Country

En_US (English - United States)
En_GB (English - Great Britain)

pt_BR (portuguse_brazil)

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