SketchUp is now available in Russian!

Здравствуйте (Hello!)

We’re expanding SketchUp’s accessibility and global footprint by offering a Russian version of SketchUp 2016. If you’re a native speaker or you want to see if those Russian classes you took in college are still in your brain, you can download the installer from here or view in Russian.

And if you need help setting up the Russian version of SketchUp, we have those instructions translated as well at

За здоровье! (Cheers!)

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Wow, this is some exciting news! Congratulations to the SketchUp team! This is definitely a beneficial step forward, since there are many Russian users. Since I know Russian, I’m curious about one thing. How did you guys translate the “Pushpull” tool? :smile: It sounds funny when you translate it word for word.

Выдавить/Вытянуть )))

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Спасибо! Я однажды наткнулся на алтернативу под названием “Тяни/Толкай”. Обе версии кажутся мне немного смешными и милыми. Я думал, может они фигурально переведут, скажем, прямо “Пушпул”, но и так сойдет, мне кажется. :slight_smile:

Our translators decided that Вдавить-вытянуть was the right translation for Push/Pull tool :slight_smile:

You can download the Quick Reference Card for the windows version of SketchUp from here.

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