Plugin Angular Dimension 2 - help with translation, anyone?



This plugin is a significant update of Steve Baumgartner’s earlier Angular Dimension. This version adds the text which dimensions the angle in SketchUp in the same plane as the dimensioned vertex.

Steve and I have now updated a draft version of the program,with translations into all of the languages in which Sketchup ships for countries using a Latin alphabet.

Before publishing the multi-language version we would like help in reviewing the translations, made (with minor amendments) using Google Translate.

So far, we’ve done translations for these languages:

There are probably a few mistakes, big and small, in these translations. Neither I nor Steve is a good enough linguist to correct them. Please could a native-speaker of any of these languages review the appropriate page in the attached LibreOffice spreadsheet? It can be opened in LibreOffice or OpenOffice, or Excel.

Please don’t change the existing translation, but insert any improved translation suggestions in the last column of one or more of the individual language sheets, identified by the two-letter code in the sheet name.

Please send any suggestions for improvements by PM to @john_mcclenahan

Many thanks in advance for anyone who can help.

If you would prefer a different format to ease your process of review, please send your request by PM to @john_mcclenahan.

If anyone can make and review translations into other non-Latin alphabet languages (Russian, Japanese, Korean or Chinese), we would be very pleased to incorporate those additions.

translations for (23.6 KB)


Also korean


Corrected above - thanks.