Neverending 'Unexpected file format'


Seems like I’m having trouble with my latest project with corrupt files.
My first version of the project stopped working after a couple of weeks work. Frustated, I started making a copy of the first project from scratch and now it stopped working the second time i opened it…

Same story both times: “Unexpected file format”

My google-research suggests I may have a corrupt image or something in my project. Since I’ve only imported one picture (besides the Geo-location) and pretty much followed the exact same procedure both times, it’s easy to have a main suspect…

Can someone help me recover my project? (praying to the gurus out there)

Skarp.skp (1.3 MB)

Best regards!
/ Martin

Fascinating! When I tried to open this file on my Mac (SU version 16.1.1451) I got the following popup:

Last time I checked, 16.1.1449 is a Windows variant of the same release as Mac 16.1.1451! Certainly it is not a newer version! This seems like a bug, but it could be tripped by a defect in your file.

Oh, now I see - it is no doubt because (according to your profile) you have the 63-bit edition of SketchUp :sweat_smile:


Haha, I get it to! Hilarious!

Even though I upgraded my 63-bit to 64-bit!:sweat_smile:

Lets try a backup of the project instead:
Skarp 160905.skp (1.3 MB)

Unfortunately, that version gets an invalid file error on my Mac.

Ok :disappointed_relieved: Any luck with this one?

Skarp 160904.skp (1.0 MB)

Same “Unexpected file format” for me…

Sorry, invalid file on that one too. So, best we can hope is that a Trimble developer will take a look and find something they can fix. According to the crash trace, it was trying to render shadows when it splatted.

Ok! Fingers crossed!
Thanks for your help anyway

@slbaumgartner, How about this? :grinning:

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Must be that danged computer arithmetic again!

I need a newer version that is older than my current version…

Yeah… I’m a time traveler…

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I have Mac SU version 16.1.1451 (64 bit), but just get “File not found or invalid” as the error message - then a second popup that says “The file Skarp 160904.skp could not be opened”, then it ends when I click OK.

File >> Open gives the version warning, double click to open gives what your seeing…


Thanks for that clarification - I hadn’t tried File Open, just the double click.

But now I DO try File Open, I get the same error messages as I did before, without the version warning. So not the same as you are getting.

Trying to import into a new file gives me this

Opening gives the “Unexpected file format” error.