Never receive licence ?!

I am waiting for my licence to work ! Why I didn’t receive the mail with the licence ?

You’ll need to contact Customer Support or the local reseller. No one on the forum has access to that information.

Did you check your spam folder?

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I pinged members of the SketchUp Team. One of the members will see this and may be able to help. Be patient though, because it is Saturday and most are just leaving 3D Basecamp, so it may have to wait until Monday when they return to work.

i have to give my work Monday morning and have to work since 4 hours ? very bad news ! Why could I have a serial number after buying it with my credit card ?

Yes, no spam ?
I have bought it on the internet on the website : sketchup / Trimble


06 76 09 15 98

Hello again @eric.prados,

The private information should not have been posted on the open Forum. I am deleting this post for your security and I would have done it sooner but I just landed to make a connecting flight.

I will make certain to forward your email address to the SU team.