Need To Impress The Homeowners Association

I am getting ready to build three structures on six acres. One is our residence, the second is our wine production building, and the third is a tasting room. We have plans drawn up by a building designer in AutoCad but they are functional for building purposes but not pretty. We have to convince our homeowners association that this will be a fancy project worthy of being their neighbor (Wineries are specifically allowed in our hood.)

I am looking for someone that can import the AutoCad plans in to SketchUp and them ad appropriate siding and roof colors and make them look real. This is only the external building, no interior walls are necessary.

Please let me know if you are interested then we can privately discuss the details.


Good morning Alan,

This sounds like a fun project! I sent you a message regarding the SketchUp model you are requesting, and I look forward to hearing back from you.

Best regards!

Hi, Alan. In addition to the model, you are also asking for rendering. If you really require realistic rendering this will need to be done in a rendering application external to SketchUp (using the SketchUp model or an export of it.)

SketchUp is a modeler not a photoreal renderer. But SketchUp can do “sketchy” style non-photoreal renders.

Most responders we would hope will give you links to see examples of their work.

To look at what some of the community has done, you can browse the Gallery category.
And you can even search it (once in the category) by using the search menu (magnifying glass icon - top right).
Try searching on the word “render”.

As an example see the posted renders in this Gallery thread …

Here is another …

I think you get the idea …

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I have received several great private messages and a some positive responses on this forum. Thank you all for that. I have to admit that I did not know what I was asking for. Many of you have shown me the light.

What I am looking for is someone that can take my AutoCad plans and create an Aerial Perspective as referenced in this article:

It look so likeSketchups’s Layout program may also get to where I am hoping for. I could care less if the Sketchup Program is what is used but I need this aerial perspective to wow the HOA for our project. I also would like to be able to print the aerial perspective on poster board for other marketing purposes.

I am still waiting for our building designer to get back the latest update in AutoCad and once he does I will be glad to share it with any interested person and go form there.


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