Creating 2D Renderings from pdf house plans

I am new to Sketchup. I need to create exterior house renderings using the elevations from a builders pdf plans. Currently, I snip the elevation and use Sherwin Williams ColorSnap Tool, but I am not impressed with it.
Any advice or is this even possible without creating a Sketchup 3D Model?

Are you asking if you can create a plan from an image without creating a model? If so… no. To create output from SketchUp you have to create something to model.

If your goal is to take an existing image and edit it for output… then you might try a 2D drawing program or photoshop or something like that…

ok, what if I use Scan2Cad in Layout? Will that allow me to add colors, textures, etc to create a colored rendering in 2D?

LayOut is a tool that helps you to create 2D output from your 3D model made in SketchUp. Not sure what Scan2Cad is, but neither SketchUp nor LayOut are image editing software.

You can import your image as reference in SketchUp to help you to create a 3D model, but at some point, you will have to create something if you want to generate output.

I think the work flow you want is one where you convert the original from black and white drawing to black and transparent, and then colorize the drawing from a layer below the linework layer. This subject came up in another thread, and there are a bunch of different programs to do this, but I found that Affinity Photo had a menu command just for this task.

ok, I appreciate your help.

I will check out Affinity Photo. Thanks for the direction! Sherwin Williams works, but just doesn’t look to realistic.

You can surf YouTube for videos on converting black and white to transparent and find a bunch of stuff on different apps, especially Photoshop.

Here’s where the same workflow just came up in another thread: