How do I create 2D renderings like those I've attached?

Hello! I am new to sketchup and I am trying to create my renderings like what I have attached in layout but don’t know how. Can someone help?

It’s hard to tell what they started with but it looks to me as if they are prarallel projection elevation scenes of a 3D model. Fairly basic stuff once you have the model created. That can be done directly out of SketchUp or you could set up scenes in SU and arrange the views in LayOut. export an image or a PDF from LayOut.

What rendering software are you planning to create your renderings? Looks like there is already a model created in SU, just need to export to your rendering software.

These do lot look like and sort of formal “renderings”. Instead they look like 2D exports from SketchUp or LayOut.

I have been creating 3D renderings in Sketchup Pro, and sending them to layout, but they are not turning out like this at all.
So to my understanding, I need to create 2D in Sketchup, then send to layout?
I also cant get the background out once I sent to layout, any advice for that?

If you share you LO file it would be easier to give you guidance.

Your model should reamin 3D. You just need to set up scenes in SketchUp with the camera set to Parallel Projection.

Depends on the style you have selected. Make sure Sky and Ground are turned off in the style.

I tried sharing the actual file but it wont let me. Do these sceenshots help?

I gather the LO file is too large to upload directly. Upload it to DropBox and share the link.

Looks like you just need to set up the scenes as I’ve already told you.

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So, first step is to edit the style to turn off the ground and update the style. This allows you to have no background in the viewports.
Screenshot - 4_7_2023 , 11_11_49 AM

Then, as I wrote, set theCamera to Parallel Projection and choose the needed Standard view. For Scene 1 that’s the Front view, Scene 5 is the right side view. I added a section cut to the right side view.

In LayOut I reset the Camera properties for the viewport (don’t modify camera properties in LO) as well as the style so that the scene settings in the SketchUp model will come over.

I did the same thing for the rear view of the island, too.

It would be a good idea if you learn to use groups and components in your models. All of the geometry you created is loose. That makes your model more difficult to work with.

It would also help to get in the habit of purging unused stuff from your models.
Screenshot - 4_7_2023 , 11_24_36 AM This purge reduced the SketchUp file size by almost 44%.

Note, the LO file is now small enough to upload directly.
Hubbard Layout purged.layout (10.4 MB)


Thank you so much!!!

These kind of things you can learn watching the free courses on Sketchup campus, this can be found on the sketchup website in the resources tab.