Using a current floorplan and elevation pdf

How do I use a design for my Spec in PDF that was created by designer to view my own styles? I am trying to create a model for a listing per request of my parter realtor.

SO you have a SketchUp model? You can create scenes in SketchUp showing the various views you need, i.e. PLan, elevations, perspectives, etc. Then send the file to LayOut to create the documentation and export to PDF.

Thanks for quick response! I am quick with a designing on the site but am trying to learn or expand my computer knowledge. I have the floorplan and elevations saved to pdf on computer. I hoped there was a way to import those files. So I can either trace over, or render… with those. I want to use my black and white elevations and create a scene to put into a listing for those who may not be able to visualize. I may not be able to do this. I was hoping for advise on how.

Oh. I didn’t get that at all from your first post.

So you can make snapshots from the PDF file and save them as JPGs or PNGs. Then those images can be imported as images (File>Import…) and traced with SketchUp’s drawing tools. You can adjust the image to size after you import it or just wait until you get a little bit of the model drawn.

If you have SketchUp Pro you can import CAD files that can be manipulated. Modeling off of the CAD files is much faster than just images.

I would ask the designer for them if available.

Thanks again. I am using the trial for 30 days. If I can get the hang of this I wil go Pro!

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Good luck. FWIW, if you using SketchUp for your work, you need to use Pro anyway. :wink:

HI folks.

I do that often when my only available material is pictures.

Import the plan view pdf then explode it and create a component or a group.

Import the elevation pdf and do the same.

Rotate the elevation pdf so it is now on a vertical plane. Rotate it again if you need to go from front to side to back or whatever how the elevation is oriented.

Double click in one group or component and measure some edge that has a known dimension. Observe the value in the Measurement Window (MW). If it is not correct, immediately type the correct value then press the Return key or the Enter key to validate the value. When asked if you want to resize the active group/component, click Yes.

Repeat with the other view.

Grab one view from a point that is shown on both views and align it with the other. You will probably have to do two separate moves along two different axes.

Once aligned, you can use these views to start recreating the object in 3D.

If you have some pdf that you can share I can explain this idea using these pdf.



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