Import pdf floor plan and make 3D


Hey everyone,

I work for a commercial flooring contractor. We take pdfs of floor plans that we receive from architects and begin the process of estimating the job from there. What I would like to do is import a pdf floor plan given to us and make it into 3D so I can add in potential flooring and tile to help our clients visualize what we would be installing. Is this possible? I currently have a free version but would upgrade to pro if I need.



Yes it’s possible.

You will however need elevations (or photos) of the walls, as a floor plan may not have all the info such as window heights, height placements of wall lights, or any other detail off the floor.

and Sketchup Pro for the commercial license.


PDF is unfortunately not available as an import format in Sketchup, except in the Mac version that can import them as raster images. If you were given the floor plans as DWG or DXF files, those could be imported into SketchUp Pro. There are applications like Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape that can open a PDF file and save it as DWG or DXF to get editable lines into SketchUp.

Otherwise what you describe is quite doable.

To use SketchUp in your business, you would have to get the Pro version. The free version is only for personal non-commercial projects.



Something simple might show off your floor good more.
Modeled from 2D plans


Can somebody make me some 3d floor plans like this in Sketchup? Can pay.


I wrote a test version of an extension that imports a vector graphics PDF file into SketchUp as edges and arcs. If you have an example file, I’d be interested to see how it fares. In a previous test file I found that the PDF was very poorly drawn, with so many redundant and slightly misaligned lines that it would actually be less work to import the PDF as an image and trace over it.


Did you get the done for you ok?


can u make a 3d plan for this floor plan …regards![-page-001|690x418]


Of what? There’s no image to see.

If you have a JPG image that you want to trace, you can certainly import it into SketchUp as an image and the draw over it with the drawing tools.