Need help with Enscape rendering

I am using SketchUp 2023 and I having trouble to render my model via Enscape. When my model exported to Enscape it turned out really blurry. I do not know what the problem is.

Your profile lacks of the information necessary to help you in this cases, what OS and graphics card are you using? If it’s windows it could be a gpu driver issue.

Yes, I am using windows.

Post a screen shot…‘Blurry’ may mean different things to different people.

I am wondering is it because I am using Window Intel i7?

check your camera settings eg focal length, auto focus, field of view.

I am assuming my Enscape camera setting are fine.
Does Window Intel EVO i7 work for Enscape?

Hard to say…what’s it supposed to look like; it might be fine.???
Post an image of sketchup next to the enscape view for comparison.

Make sure youre in perspective camera in sketchup.
and zoom in close so we can see something?.

Sharing the SketchUp file would help us help you. It would also help if you gave useful responses to the questions about Operating system and graphics card in your forum profile.

Enscape needs a dedicated gpu to work on windows machines, it won’t work if you are trying to use it with an integrated gpu.
On MacOS it’s different, it can run with M series SOCs integrated gpu’s cause they’re a lot more powerful than intel’s or AMD igpu’s. If you had your profile updated with the right information we would’ve figured it out when you posted without having to ask you for all the information.