Need help with 3d Export

Hello. I am somewhat new to sketchup. In the past I have been able to export my designs using the 3D export feature and they exported just fine; however, lately, whenever I export them they are only exporting in white. There is no color associated with them at all. Can anyone tell me why this is? I have tried using Solid Inspector and it shows several nested instances but I can’t seem to fix them. I have included an example my latest 3d exportNiches w: desk.dae (229.3 KB)

How about sharing the .skp file instead of the dae so we can see what you are working with?

Sorry about that. Here is the ski file. And after further attempts, I have figured out that none of the textures are being exported.Niches w: desk.skp (537.4 KB)

Do you have Export Texture Maps selected on?

With that selected, I get the folder of texture maps exported with no problem.

Out of curiosity, what are you using the dae file for?

Yes…I have that selected. I am using the dae file to give my customers a more realistic idea of what their project will look like.

So do you get the folder with the texture maps when you export?

What is the client using to view the dae? I can think of better ways to create a more realistic view that would be more straightforward. There are any number of rendering applications that could be used, for example. Then you could send them images.

I do get the folder with the texture maps when I export. I noticed though that if I simply paint the item instead of putting a texture on it, it exports just fine. But once I put a texture on it, it only exports white.

And if you have a better suggestion for me to create more realistic views, I’m all ears!

Textures are supposed to be exported in a separate folder which would then be imported into the application using the dae file.

You could use any of a variety of rendering packages. Vray is a commonly used one as are Podium, LightUp and others. I like one called Kerkythea. If you hold on for a few minutes, I’m in the process of making a quickie example.

I’ll hold on

So this is down and dirty in Kerkythea. In SketchUp I put your casework in a niche and set up just one light. In Kerkthea I set up the light to cast softer shadows and ran the render at a low quality setting. Probably spent about 20 seconds in Kerkythea including the render.

Obviously the model could be fleshed out to include baseboard, floor and wall coverings, and other details in the room.

FWIW, your materials aren’t great and aren’t properly applied in the model. Many of the groups have been painted instead of the faces, grain orientation isn’t right and the dark one (walnut?) could stand to be replaced with something else.

When you apply the texture to the faces inside the groups or components instead of to the group or component containers, you can adjust the orientation so the grain runs the correct direction as in these examples. These were all rendered in Kerkythea.


Oh wow! That looks amazing! I will have to download and play around with it. I am still learning the grain orientation. Thank you so much for all your help!

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Getting the grain orientation right isn’t terribly difficult. Usually you need the grain to run vertically or horizontally. Open the group or component for editing and apply the material to the face. If the orientation isn’t correct, right click on it, select Texture>Position. Right click on it again and choose Rotate>90°.

FWIW, to create the lines where parts meet but are flush like the legs and bottom rail on the workbench, I export a lines only image from SU with the same camera position and combine it with the rendered image. Dead easy and quick in an image editor.