Dae export loses textures

When I export a very simple 3D model to dae, it seems to loose all textures. The XML file shows no sign of textures. The texture mapping export option is obviously selected.

What am I missing?

The DAE export creates a separate file for the images. For example, this test model:


was exported as “test.dae” with these settings:


This created a file called “test.dae” and a folder called “test” with my imported texture file called “legend_1.bmp”. In the DAE file, near the bottom, these lines specify the location and name of the texture:

         <image id="ID5">

Higher up, there’s a list of materials used:

    <material id="ID3" name="legend_1">
        <instance_effect url="#ID4" />
    <material id="ID16" name="_0020_Red">
        <instance_effect url="#ID17" />

Note that #ID17 is described as:

<effect id="ID17">
        <technique sid="COMMON">
                    <color>1 0 0 1</color>

This is the RED color (1,0,0) and doesn’t need an image. Only the images are stored in a directory with the same name as the DAE file.

NOTE: For 3D printing with Shapeways, you need to edit the DAE file to remove any folder references. Then move the image(s) into the same folder as the DAE file and zip them up. Also, with Shapeways, you will need to scale the model by 39.37007874015748 before exporting the DAE file.

Thanks for the super swift reply. My .dae file does not contain any reference to images. The export also did not create any additional files or folders.

I think I found the problem. I’ve importat the textures as images and not as textures in the SketchUp import dialog. Looks the same, but makes a big difference.

If you import them as images, you can right-click -> explode the image into a texture.

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