.Dae file imports with no textures

I downloaded a 3d model from here: https://www.models-resource.com/wii/okami/model/15198/

I imported it into Sketchup, but sketchup imports the file with absolutely no textures despite the fact that there obviously IS textures!

Were the textures included in your download?

A bit of courtesy would go a long way. Downloaded or not - the question Anssi posed is about your download! It is reasonable, and relevant. A direct answer to that question might be best.

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What I meant is that textures are not stored within a DAE file. They come in a separate folder. For them to import right, you have to, firstly, have the texture files, and, secondly, place them to the same folder location in relation to the DAE file as they were when exported.

Try, for instance, downloading a DAE model from the 3D Warehouse. What you get is a ZIP file with the model and a texture folder inside.


The folder name will usually be the same as the DAE filename (without the .dae extension.)

If you get KMZ zip archives, they’ll contain the DAE(s) (which are XML files,) and the texture files within the same named subfolders (of the archive,) all within a "models" subfolder. (So, a KMZ can contain multiple DAE models to import in 1 operation.)


Whilst you might like your name [one who loves [the study of] birds ?] - it offers us little help !
Perhaps Ένας εραστής της ανθρωπότητας would be more helpful…

It gets you nowhere by insulting the very people who are only seeking to help you.
Get a grip [Ελα στα λογικά σου].

Your downloaded ZIP which you linked contains the DAE[s] and various image files to which they refer.
These image files need to be in the same subfolder setup as the DAE when you import it.
Then these image files are found and used.
[Often they are in a named subfolder, but in this case, it’s no !]

If you don’t extract everything from the ZIP properly, then you have problems - not us…

Try doing it properly, then report back - with less venom [με λιγότερο δηλητήριο]…

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