Model exports without textures

Hello. I tried to export model found in Warehouse to use it in Outerra Game. When i exported model and get into location, its only .dae file without any textures. I have Export Texture Maps option checked. Please help me.

Please provide a link to the 3DW model.

I am also planning to take more of his cars and put them into Outerra Anteworld (game).
Also I modified model, like moving it or exploding some components and changing axes.

I downloaded the model as a DAE directly from the 3DW in a browser outside SketchUp,… then imported it into SketchUp.

(1) ALL it’s materials are colors without textures.

(2) DAE is an XML format and any texture information might be reduced to a binary data element, within the XML hierarchy. For more information, see:

Did you add any textures yourself ? This will be quite a chore as individual faces have been colored rather than groups or components.

I didnt added any textures myself. And if these are colors, how i can export them as textures? Also I would like to add that i have to export both faces.

So is there way to export colors as textures? This, and other models look very bad without colors. I will be glad if you will help me.

An exported DAE file WILL contain the color RGBA data associated with materials.
Textures are image files which ‘override’ any color.

If the recipient app taking the DAE cannot use ‘plain colored’ [non-textured] materials, but insists on having textures associated with each material, then your only option is to give each of the SKP’s plain-colored materials a texture - this can be a single-color image file, but you’ll need to make the appropriate image files to go with each material - e.g. use Gimp and a plain color based on the material’s RGB color…

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