Need help Urgent

I am a quite new user.

Anyone an idea how I can create interactive tags/bulletpoints like this guy?

My intention is to click on a component so that you can get information about that bullet point.

Thank you,

The effects shown in that view weren’t done using SketchUp. I haven’t used Sketchfab, but I suspect they are part of what that site provides. I think you’d have to investigate there to see how it was done.

Here’s how to add Annotations in Sketchfab:

If you meant a way of doing something similar only in SketchUp, you could make a box of text appear when you ‘interact’ with a dynamic component.

Anyway, I found a function called “Dynamic components”. On Sketchup I get a pop-up menu after clicking on that component. But when I upload it on Sketchfab I do not have the option to click on that item… Ideas how to solve?

thanks got it!

Sketchfab is not Sketchup. It does have an extension for Sketchup to load models into Sketchfab.

You could start here.

If Andy Begg has that model on Sketchfab, just ask him.

In Sketchup such information is known as Entity Info, which can be edited for Components, etc.

so you might start by learning about how to get the Entity Info to be what you want.

Can’t help you with Sketchfab. They do have a forum for users.

For Components start here.

Maybe @alexschreyer knows?

Yes, those annotations are solely in Sketchfab. One nice feature would be to have SketchUp leader text turn into Sketchfab annotations automatically on upload, but that hasn’t been implemented in Sketchfab (you could suggest it, though).

Since SketchUp’s dynamic components are not working in the online version of SU (or 3D Warehouse), that won’t work either here. You could create scenes, though, in SketchUp that have text only in specific scenes. That should work. The user can then scroll through scenes instead of clicking on objects.

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