Add a link into a component



I’m searching how to add a link into a component. For example, I want to create a sink unit and insert a link of the manufacturer web page in the component attributes or anywhere.



The only place you can create a clickable link in components is the Description and Summary attributes. It requires you to have SketchUp Pro to create. Both of these fields are visible in the “Component Options” window, so they are visible - and clickable - by people who only have SketchUp Make.

Here’s the relevant SketchUp Help Page:

Problem here is that you have no way to force the Component Options window to appear. The user has to open it while the component is selected.

As for clicking on the component, the available “OnClick” actions don’t have any actions such as “Open URL”. You might be able to finesse the “Alert” action embedding the url in the displayed message. I’ve not tried this, nor do I recall someone who has, and I won’t have time to try it until tomorrow.


There is an extension available from both the Sketchucation Extension Store and the Extension Warehouse called GOSU. It will allow you to create a hyperlink to open a web page when you click on a component. You have to be start the tool by clicking on its toolbar button to activate the tool to open the link. Maybe you could make that work somehow. I expect the user would need to have the extension installed, though.


Thanks a lot, I have just tried it and works perfect.


Thanks Dave. It is another option to take into account.


I just checked out the GOSU extension. It will, indeed, add the needed url function, but it has, in my opinion, two drawbacks:

  1. It does, indeed, require the user to have the GOSU extension installed - and active.
  2. It offers many other useful functions, 1 of which – “Layers” – is extremely dangerous! It changes the active layer away from layer0! As we’ve seen many times in the forum, changing the layer of edges and faces produces strange and frustrating results. In my opinion, nothing should make it easy to change the active layer.

So I wouldn’t recommend it for use with components you expect others to use. However, for your own use, it has lots of neat functionality - as long as you treat the “Set Layer” option like a plague!


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