Adding drawing links on screen

How do you add icons that link other drawings to the drawing you are working on?

Are you actually using SketchUp Free, the browser-based version of SketchUp?

Your profile is incomplete on the subject.

Within SketchUp (any variation - Free, Make, or Pro) - you don’t. There is no facility to display an icon that links to another drawing.

If you have SketchUp Pro, you can create a Dynamic Component that has a link as part of the description. To see the link (and click on it), the user (of Make or Pro - feature not yet in Free) must manually open the Component Options window, then select the Dynamic Component. Which is probably not what you’re looking for!

Hello DaveR,

Yes, I am. I am guessing this may be the issue an issue with regard to my request.


Yes. As Steve indicated, you can use SketchUp Pro to create Dynamic Components with links.

What sort of things are you modeling that require links to other SketchUp files?

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