Embed an image in Sketchup

Does anyone know of a way to embed an image in Sketchup, tied to a Sketchup object? I can paste a link in the “url” field of an object, which will certainly open the image in a web browser window, but would be great if clicking, or even better, hovering, over an object would pull the image up in the sketchup window.


What sort of image? How would you use it? You can certainly import an image and then you could give it a tag so it’s visible or not in any given scene.

hi, Dave!

A reference image that shows information for a particular construction condition or assembly.

I’ve created a series of glue to components that I place in the model when I want to call attention to some aspect of an assembly, or a clash in the plans, etc. In the Entity Info window, I use the Instance field to enter some text which can be accessed using the text tool (haven’t figured out how to enter a “return” character in the field). 1st image below

I’d also like to be able to pull up a diagrammatic image that could be tied to the object. As shown in the 2nd image, which was taken out of the window shop drawings that is described in the note in the 1st image.

Adding a URL, such as a Dropbox link, into the URL field in the expanded Entity Info URL field works. Just was looking to see if there were other solutions

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Hi Bob,
Why not a dynamic component? A click on the symbol and the image appears or disappears.
Is this a good idea? The multiplication of these images will considerably weigh down the file.
The idea of a link is better and allows more easily the update of a detail. A single location for multiple instances.


That’s an incredible solution, Jerome. I must admit that I don’t know that much about creating dynamic components. I’ll need to study this a bit.

Thanks for the insight.

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For easier URL link management than the dynamic component or the ‘entity info’ window, there is a plugin on Sketchucation called ‘links manager

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I’m looking at that on Sketchucation. Interesting implementation. Thanks for suggesting

I wonder if plug ins will ever work on the iPad version…