Can I add a picture as a texture

Can I add a picture as a texture to my model using Sketchup for schools? I’ve looked at help options and they all mention the option to import from File. I can’t find File.

You can insert a picture either as Image object (component-like, not so useful except as plan) or as textured material. Any face objects can have a material property.

They have collapsed the File menu into a File icon in the top left. Choose “Insert” and select an image file.

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Thank you so much. I have one more question! Can I add a hyperlink to the picture?

Once you have imported it, it is a texture that is applied on surfaces. SketchUp has no hyperlink feature built-in, but it supports attributes that allow to attach information with any kind of object. Extensions can for example create an attribute that opens an attached link in a browser dialog when clicked. Unfortunately SketchUp Free gives not yet access to attributes and does not support extensions.

If you just want to attach information, you can select the geometry and create a component. In the “Create Component” dialog you can fill in the link into the description field (for all instances of this component). Or you select a single instance and paste the link in the “Entity Info” panel in the instance name field. Later you can find the link, copy it and open it in a web browser.

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