Component Attachement

I was wondering if I can attach files (images or pdf) to a component on Sketchup. I know components allow you to add description and advanced specs, but I am replicating a historical model and I have old images for some of the modelled buildings that I’d like to attach or associate with those buildings or components

You could include an image with a component or as a texture. On Mac, SketchUp has the ability to import PDF files, too, and you could include that in a component. It would be a visible thing normally, although you could assign the image to a layer and then choose whether or not to show that layer for your current scene.

In the advanced attributes (expand the entity panel) you can add an URL, but it is not clickable(!)

With Dynamic Components, you can add an imageURL to be displayed in th component options dialog and add multiple (clickable) urls in the description.

Download and open the component options dialog

The Plugin GOSU allows you to add files, folders, links etc to your models.