Still possible to Insert images in Sketchup free (web)?

Apologies if I’ve posted this is in the wrong place, but I’ve searched the forums, but can’t find an answer to this.

Is it still possible to Insert images in Sketchup free? I can get a jpg image to display, but not “stick” (moving the cursor resizes it, pressing enter does nothing, and choosing another tool makes the image disappear).

I just noticed the Insert dialog image now includes jpeg on the upgrade required list. Are there any image formats supported by the free version?

If not, I can resort to tracing paper taped to my screen, but that seems a bit silly.


Please don’t double post.

You can still insert an image into SketchUp Free.

What are you selecting for the way the image is to be used?

I’m selecting “Image”

Are you clicking and releasing to set the lower left corner, moving the cursor in the general direction for the top right corner, then clicking and releasing again?

That’s embarrassing - thanks! I should have have guessed it was the same as drawing a rectangle.