Use images for textures in sketchup free web

I created my original model in sketchup make 2015 (was still installed on my laptop). when I wanted to download some models from the 3d warehouse, I got a notification that I needed to use sketchup web.
I now created my project in Sketchup web, but want to use some images for structures to make my model look like it should look in reality.

In sketchup make 2015 I uploaded/inserted an image which I use as floor plan to build the model from. But now I have built my model in Sketchup Web, I cannot find a way to insert/upload images to make my model look more realistically.

Is there any chance to upload images to sketchup web to use for textures?

You should be able to drag and drop images right into your modeling space.

oh wow… I will try that, thanks!

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