Link from a text item to a saved scene

Hi all
I am a first time user and novice sketchup operator, so sorry if this question has been asked 100 times before.
I would like to create a link from a text item that could redirect a user to a saved scene in the same model.
Ideally this link would work in the viewer (un-editable) version of sketchup.
Can I?

Sorry, at this time, the viewer does not support either Ruby scripting nor Dynamic Components (which are implemented in Ruby.)

I suggest turning Scene Tabs display on, and just clicking the tabs to switch scenes.
View (menu) > Scene Tabs

EDIT: Moving to Dynamic Components category, as this would be the only non-programming way to do this.

Your “text object” would need to be wrapped within a Dynamic Component, that has a onClick behavior set using the GOTOSCENE() function.

P.S.: Creating Dynamic Components is a SketchUp Pro only feature.

You could look at the GOSU plugin by Renderiza.

Thanks Dan I do use Sketchup Pro and will look into dynamic components.
If I create the model in Pro with dynamic components can a third party access that model and the dynamic components functionality from Sketchup Make?

Thankyou, I am just starting to discover plugins and will definitely check out GOSO.

If you have Dynamic Options set up, someone can select the options in Make, but can’t modified the attributes.

Yes Make has the DC Interact tool (looks like the click hand cursor from most web browsers.) So they can click on DCs and cause onClick Behaviors to happen. As said above, they can also open the Component Options dialog, to change options as set up in the (pro only) Component Attributes dialog. (The latter button is grayed out under Make.)

Awesome time to have a play I feel

Awesome thanks Dan, time to have a play I feel.