Visual programming for sketchup

Hi all,
this is just a suggestion that I believe could breathe new power into sketchup:
Most 3d apps have some kind of visual programming in them. I don’t know if this has ever been discussed again but having used Rhino’s grasshopper for ages I often feel that it would be amazing to have a visual canvas within sketchup that would make it easy to handle dynamic components.

The mocap picture above is the equivalent of “onclick / animate(RotZ,0,60,90)”
You have a canvas where you can logically connect actions to dynamic components in the form of blocks. If you wanted to create a dynamic window next, you could just copy the door’s blocks, plug them in your window and have a new dynamic window in seconds without having to worry about syntax.

David Rutten, the creator of Grasshopper started it as a plugin for Rhino and now it has made it probably the only reason of its existence. A visual Dynamic component editor could possibly open new horizons for sketchups use as well.

just a thought…

edit: in the image, "click’ should be connected to ‘trigger’ and ‘0,60,90’ should be connected to ‘angles’ receptor.

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Nice, but this only for creation of basic solids within the canvas, It doesn’t seem to be able to reference geometry from sketchup…

Trimble has put their money into the new Live Component program, so it is unlikely Dynamic Components will get any more “love”.

You posted this in the Dynamic Components category, so I conclude you want this interface to control a DC. A major impediment to doing so is that there is no published API or Ruby specification for dynamic components. Although people have sniffed out a lot about how they work, DC’s are proprietary. So, the implementation would necessarily have to be a reverse-engineered hack, with all the license, support, and other issues that entails.

Not saying it wouldn’t be a nice thing, just that it would not be easy.