Giving SketchUp GUI-like functionality?

Hi Folks:

I have a fairly simple animation that I’ve made that is a shadow study for an agricultural instrument. My ‘end users’ need a SIMPLE mechanism by which to alter this animation, on a regular basis. If I can figure out how to attach the animation, here, I will; meantime, the instrument I’ve modeled has a sensor box that needs to be varied in position (height from the ground) and the animation started again. I’d like to offer my users a simple GUI text window or some such, where they could enter a value that would control the placement of the sensor box in the SketchUp model. I understand Ruby can be used to script for SketchUp, but I don’t yet know Ruby, or the capabilities of scripting for SketchUp (I am a fairly multifaceted programmer, just, Ruby is not yet one of the facets). Is what I am describing do-able? Any pointers or links to learn to do what I’m trying to do? Thanks much.

You should take a look at SketchUp’s dynamic components. They have a simple movement facility that might suit.

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Thanks - that well might suit. I didn’t know about them (Being new to SketchUp). It looks like I’d need Pro for that (right now I am using Make, but at my workplace I’ve made a request for us to purchase the Pro version).

So, a further question, then!

If I did have Pro and could define my own dynamic components, would a user of my component, who is using SketchUp Make, have full functionality of my component? I’m making an animation for a researcher (I am University staff) who only has access to the free version.

Yes, Make can use dynamic components, it just can’t create new ones.

You know these licenses?

Yes, Cotty, I do - but I am neither faculty nor student (I am staff) and our group needs, well, one license - for me - or maybe one other staff member - vs. a networked situation for multiple users. So we don’t fit in neatly to any of the deeply discounted licenses (I don’t think).