SketchUp Interactivity

Hi All,

I’m a new member to the forum and to SketchUp. I have been doing design and engineering works for the past 8 years using various CAD/CAM tools, but I’m now exclusively trying to use the 2015 edition with V-ray and Artisan plugins.

Currently I’m creating a fly-through of a building using scenes, but I wanted to create it as an interactive presentation that gives the users options and results based upon their choices. Is there a way to make SketchUp Ruby programme this? For example before moving to Scene two you have to make a selection or click a box/type text in a menu (created by ruby) before it moves forward?

I’ve never done anything like this and would be really grateful for your expert input. Really chuffed to become a member of this group and hope I can contribute to some posts and make some good plugins in the near future too.

Hope you can help,


you may want look for an external authoring tool too as e.g. CopperCube which is capable to read 3D formats and output WebGL or Flash.

Thanks so much for the info, I’ll download now and give it a go. It looks like just the tool, hopefully I can get it working with scenes, with different choices taking you to a different scene dependant on selection.

Hi All,

I was reading the exchanges above.
Is there any more advanced option-extension to create flythrough movies than simply set a sequence of scenes? like setting a full path or controlling the points of view (??)
Please help me.