Linking SketchUp with Grasshopper

Dear All,
Hello, I kindly reach you to inform you that six years ago, Kaveh Alagheband ( started to develop useful plugins which are Linking SketchUp and Grasshopper to each other, but unfortunately he didn’t develop it anymore.
I wonder to ask Fredo6, TIG, Thom Thom, Chris Fullmer, SuforYou(Huynh Duong Phuong Vi), Curic, Eneroth3, Natale Zappia and others to develop this essential plugin if there is any possibility. Thanks in advance




Is this some kind of programing language on the line of Ruby?

Why are you tagging me along with all these other people?

Thanks for replying back. Actually, I thought that you are so expert in sketchup and maybe you can help.

I don’t understand your question. But as I mention, Kaveh Alagheband wrote the Ruby code for the SketchUp six years ago, but I can not find him to have further discussion.

Please remove me from this list.

I don’t know who Kaveh Alagheband is and I have no use for Grasshopper. You can remove me from your list.

I see that there is Grasshopper for V-ray Next, can that already work with SketchUp models?

What Fredo6 is doing with animations in SketchUp has some overlap with this, but I would not dare tag him now!

There are some people at SketchUp that I think would be interested in this, but did you also check what Kevah is doing these days?

Sure.I do it

Sure.I do it

Thanks for all your information. I also send a message to Kevah on LinkedIn right now. But, I also post this concern on the Rhino forum.

This is so good news that Fredo6 has some experience and also development in this area. I hope that we can have a brainstorming in this area because the parametric design and has Grasshpfer in SketchUp will be a big deal.

Or you could just buy Viz Pro from Fluid Interactive, which already implements parametric modelling for SU:


Wow, love it!

I know that Fluid Interactive has Viz Pro, which is so fantastic, but Grasshopper is more and more potent than Viz Pro or Dynamo because Grasshopper has a lot of plugins and developers.

I understand your enthusiasm for a SU solution — Grasshopper is an amazing, mature tool that has virtually infinite parametric modelling capability.

But I think you have to be realistic as to the potential addressable market for such a tool in the SU context. The user base for Rhino is heavily weighted towards industrial design professionals - for whom the need of parametric modelling is much more widespread, and incorporated into existing workflows.

The amount of work involved in developing and maintaining a SU/Grasshopper bridge extension versus the percentage of SU users for whom it holds appeal — and would be therefore willing to pay for it — wouldn’t likely pay off for the developers.

I haven’t seen a massive amount of interest in Viz from the broader SU Pro user base and I suspect that it therefore hasn’t sold in large numbers — which I would submit, suggests there isn’t a significant addressable market there.

This is the development constraint, and not the technical challenge: I have no doubt that any one of the genius extension developers on your list would be up to the task. But I really can’t see it being worth their time - especially in light of the fact that their is already a well-realized tool available in this space.

… and apologies for raining on your parade :frowning:


To hear Phil Bernstein tell it, Grasshopper and the like is where it’s all at now. To him, and his telling of the history of technology in architectural practice, 2D CAD is ancient history, BIM is history (they worked that all out in the 2000’s, and computational stuff like Grasshopper is what’s current. I can’t share any of his last presentation to AIA/CT, but I do remember him showing examples of Grasshopper work being done by his Yale students. If that’s what graduating students know and can contribute to their employers, it strikes me as not a good idea for a company trying to compete with Autodesk to just dismiss it out of hand.

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I think Rhino is at the moment the only application interfacing with Grasshopper directly, and others (like Archicad) do it via a Rhino plugin.

Hi all,

I believe it is better to connect SketchUp to Speckle. Someone already started the project on GitHub, but I don’t know how far it is. Seems stale at the moment…

@Developers - would you be interested in contributing to this open source project?

Jernej from Modelur

Actually, I find a nice project on McNeel association which is name Rhino.Inside which connect rhino and grasshopper to Revit, Archicad and etc. It is under development and McNeel is trying to update it until release Rhino 7. Also, they put all the code on Github
There was a lecture by Carlos Perez in Oslo in which he showed the following slide: