Parametric modeling in SU, like in Fusion 360

I know there are dynamic models in Sketchup, but is there a plugin that makes your models truly parametric, in real time

The feature I am referencing can be found in a software like Fusion 360, which allows the user to define parameters, and then change individually them in a spreadsheet (i.e. furniture piece height, width, etc.)


Google search

Thank you!
Not sure if this has the spreadsheet tables like in Fusion 360, but the sliders introduce some interesting possibilities that I’ve not found in Fusion.
Thanks again.

There is also a Ruby plugin parametric.rb which enables you to program some geometry, then edit its parameters in a popup dialogue (see for example the SU Parametric Shapes plugin at SkecthUcation Plugin store - which I adapted from an original Sketchup team plugin). The version of parametric.rb in that plugin was updated recently for me by @slbaumgartner to keep the parameters in order, which earlier versions did not.

And Dynamic Components, which you can create in the Pro versions of SU are a somewhat basic, and complicated, parametric objects.

They aren’t a direct equivalent, but they go some way towards what you ask about.

I have not seen either one of these plug ins demonstrated specifically for furniture making or cabinets, definitely going to dig deeper into them.

Thanks again.

Have a look at some sample Dynamic Components on the 3D Warehouse - there are a fair number, several for cabinets.

And if you are a coder in Ruby, have a look at the code of the SU Draw Parametric Shapes plugin, to see how you could adapt it to make cabinets or other types of furniture.

There’s also Garry Kernan’s (@gkernan) Cab(inet) Maker plugin - again, see Sketchucation Plugin Store - if it’s specifically parametric cabinets you want.

I own a few GKware products, but am also looking to make custom furniture parametrically…

You are right- I need to dig deeper into learning Ruby!