Exploring Interactive 3D Models with Visual Cues and Information Display in

Hello SketchUp Community,

I am currently exploring the capabilities of SketchUp for a specific project and I have some questions regarding its functionality. I am interested in creating an interactive 3D model using SketchUp, and I wonder if the following features are doable within the software:

  1. Interactive Search and Visual Cues:
  • I want to load a 3D model of a room with various boxes.
  • Is it possible to implement a list or a search bar that allows users to type something or select a box from the list, and have the corresponding box in the 3D model give a visual cue? For example, the selected box could change color or have an outline to indicate selection.
  1. Hover Interaction and Information Display:
  • Is it possible to display a dialog box with specific information when the mouse is hovered over an object in the 3D model? This information could include details about the contents of the box, for instance.

I have heard that Ruby scripting can integrate with SketchUp, but I am unsure about its availability in different versions. I would appreciate any insights on whether these features are achievable in SketchUp and, if so, what version of SketchUp would be necessary to enable the ability to create such interactive functionalities.

Thank you in advance for your assistance. I am looking forward to hearing from experienced SketchUp users who can provide guidance on this matter.

Best regards,