Interactive display software

I work in a warehouse and have created a detailed model of our building. I would like to create an interactive display that people can manipulate to show areas and locations in the warehouse model.
What applications or programs are out there that I can import my model into that will allow me to create such of a thing? My dream end goal would be to have this on a large touch screen monitor for visitor demonstrations and training.
Any Ideas?

Unreal engine is the thing that stands out as being something that could make this type of thing - the possibilities there would be endless

For something a little more light touch, Enscape has a presentation mode where you can set up scenes not dissimilar to SketchUp - you could perhaps use.

These people might have solutions:

Since you want to present your SketchUp model, I think you should look at Enscape, Twinmotion, and Shapespark. I think all three of these applications will allow you to develop interactive versions of your model.

3D Vista also has some neat features.