Interactive design

I hope I am in the correct area for this question… I am in search for a way to place my model in an already designed, possibly adjustable scene/landscape for VR. One that possibly has moving parts. I was checking out Enscape, but since I work on a Mac, I’m not able to use it just yet. I’m not trying to learn how to design my own world from scratch. My hope is to find a program or add-on that has a collection of pre designed scenes that I can place my sketchup model inside of and hopefully there will be moving parts like, water running near by, birds flying over head and/or maybe a car driving by…Does anyone have any advice that might help me? I’m quite comfortable desgining my 3d models in Sketchup and allowing other to tour them in VR, but I’d like to add to the environment the model is in.

I imagine you’d find Twinmotion to be along those lines, heading in that direction. I don’t know how the VR fits in.

I’d like an application with ready-made sites for some projects. It would probably wear thin after a while as everyone’s renderings would seem to be in the same locations. But Enscape, Luminon etc. do more to help you fill in a scene. I can often get by with an HDR or photograph background and some shrubs :smile:

I’d say this is less an interactive design topic than a rendering topic. Or something in between, like interior decorating for the out of doors.