Twinmotion vs Enscape

I just downloaded Twinmotion and I am trying it out, but one thing I didn’t like is that it doesn’t support my 3D SpaceNavigator mouse. I got used with this mouse in Sketchup (and Blender) and it is a pain for me to move in 3D space without it.

So I started looking at Enscape, which seems to integrate better with Skethup, but it isn’t free and I am not sure if it is as powerful and can create as good results as Twinmotion. Any thoughts on this?

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I can say from using both that the quality of the render is the same or better even with Enscape. The big difference comes down to movement / animation. Twinmotion allows for for setting paths for things like cars and people to follow allowing with wind for vegetation to ‘sway’. The other big difference is environment settings. Twinmotion has options for rain and snow whereas you’d have to create that look yourself if using Enscape.

One more thing is that Enscape is a SketchUp plugin which means you can continue to make changes in SketchUp and see the results while Twinmotion is a standalone app requiring a SU export and then import. So with all this, and cost and mouse navigation in mind, you should be able to make a more informed decision.

Here’s a little sample Timelapes I did with Enscape’s default plant library plus a Megascans asset:


Thanks! I am trying Enscape now and it seems very intuitive and my space navigator works just fine with it.

Can you add items to Enscape’s library? From the quick look I had it seems that Twinmotion had a lot more items and categories.

I imagine so but haven’t tried it yet. Maybe someone else can chime in there. Also. the Enscape library is a relatively new feature so I imagine the number of assets will continue to grow as well.

There is a setting on startup that allows you to change the navigation methods with a regular mouse in Twinmotion. It will emulate sketchup as an option.
As Eric says, the big difference between the 2 is the ability to animate objects - people, cars etc.
Enscape also has the ability to more easily associate the correct texture type by the tags/key words in the descriptions, whereas twinmotion requires replacement of textures.
While Twinmotion doesn’t have a direct link to sketchup, subsequent changes in the sketchup model can be updated in the Twinmotion project without starting over.
As Twinmotion is now free (for a while) it’s a good option. Enscape can be used on a monthly subscription basis, so without spending a lot, you could use on an as needed basis, by just subscribing and cancelling for 30 days of use.

Yes as @whiterabbitdesigncompany said, modifications back and forth between SketchUp and Twinmotion is easy. It’s explained in this video:


“Twinmotion will be free to download until November 2019; after that, you will be able to keep using the free version indefinitely. From November 2019 onwards, new releases of Twinmotion will be available as a paid-for product.”

Enscape also has a standalone executable model export option that TM2016 also had but When TM rolled over tothe UNREAL engine they became impractical.(this feature was an important part of my client services)… file sizes went from 100-200Mb to 3-4 Gb… and I dont think even is avialable in the free version… Nevertheless after purchasing TM2016 I gave up with the UNreal versions and crossed over to ENSCAPE, but am now back trialing the free version as others have said… the animation and good intergration with SU makes creating visuals very quick… and of course its free and hopefully the paid version will be priced reasonably

…but Enscape is Windows only, correct?

yes it is

For the last few months I have been trying TM and others, out of the blue I DL’d a copy of VRay. I know it is spendy but at this point in the TM development…for free. It will be interesting to see what the real price for TM will be.