Twinmotion Direct Link to SketchUp released


So would it work like Enscape now, or do you have to click that button every time you make changes and wait for it to export and update? (if the second, how much time does it take for an average model?)

You have to click the button every time you make an update, it takes like 10-30sec on my machine, depending on the size of the project. I’m not too impressed with TM until now, fidelity wise it’s definitely better than Enscape but it feels really clunky and my workflow with Enscape/SKP is just so much better.

but its free

Until November, we’ll have to see about pricing after that. Also interested to see what features there are on the roadmap.

TM might be a viable replacement for Enscape but we’re still in the testing phase. There are several caveats like the clunky workflow, the not-so-live-sync with SketchUp and the massive file size of BIMMotion exports in comparison to Enscape standalone exports. On the other side animated trees, people and cars sure add a good bit of life and realism.

We’ll see, I guess…

To get a better idea on how TM works and the deliverables on can get, it looks like TM is having a webinar. Here is the information:

Twinmotion Webinar - From SketchUp to Twinmotion
In this webinar, Martin Krasemann, Twinmotion Product Specialist at Epic Games will take you through the building of an archviz scene from the beginning, explaining the process step by step.

He’ll be using the most recently released version of Twinmotion, which brings a direct link from SketchUp and a collection of new grass assets. Learn how to create high-quality images, panoramas, and standard or 360° VR videos!

You’ll learn about:

How to use the new SketchUp direct link, a faster and easier way to work with SketchUp data in Twinmotion
How to use the Twinmotion feature set to bring your project to life
How to output the finished media
For an introduction to the tool, take a look at this webinar, in which we discuss how it fits into a workflow for fast real-time architectural, construction, urban planning, and landscaping visualization.

Webinar date: August 28
2pm BST / 9am EDT
7pm BST / 2pm EDT

Register here -