Interactive text in sketchup using dynamic components

to add some text to a model locally, it is possible to add a component, make it dynamic by inserting a “onclick” function

the “onclick” function is "alert(“message”)

you adapt the message and it pops up when you click on it

but …

i prepared a component with a standard message, and this attribute seems to disapear when you drag and drop it into a model

any idea?

Can you upload the model ?

bullederreurv16.skp (73.9 KB)

this is the dynamic component with alert

when i drag and drop it into a model, the alert disappears

It works for me. Are you clicking with the Interact tool in the model?

Works for me too. With the visible sphere after downloading and also with a newly placed sphere taken from the component browser.


it works for me too now…
don’t know what happened
maybe i didn’t notice, the alert is on the sphere, not on 'bullederrreur’
thank you for checking

I changed the message to refer an user-editable text parameter in the parent component
bullederreurv16v2.skp (65.0 KB)