User text input, positioned as text on a shape, dynamic component

I would like to allow user text input in a components option field which is then output as text on a shape. It seems like this should be relatively straight forward, but it does not appear possible. Can anyone help?

I have a same interest as you, I use Layout usually to add text. However I know someone who only uses SketchUp and wants a text input.
To clarify (what I think both of us want):

There’s a floor plan with furniture. User has several tables in the plan with different amounts of tables/chairs. There are already dynamic options for the tables/chairs. User wants to, within the dynamic options, be able to type in labels for the table, so that they appear on the table surfaces. So User can type in 10 in the dynamic option and the number 10 will appear on that table.

Using the text tool is sometimes not as visually pleasing with the background object colours getting in the way sometimes and looks crowded. And 3D text tool is not editable (to my knowledge).

What kind of “text on a shape” ?
(A picture is worth a thousand words.)

3DText or a Leader Text object ?

3D Text Editor by ThomThom — Extension Warehouse

Awesome, thanks.

Would you know if it’s possible to do that with any native tools or incorporate that plugin with the dynamic options so that all my options will be in one menu window?