Interactive text on models

How are hidden text keys (the orange “+” boxes) added in Sketchup? An extension of other software? Thank you.

what other extension ur using. and can u attach the file

Have 2016 without extensions added. I only had a screen shot - it was on a contest website:


A way to do that within Sketchup would be using Dynamic Components and Component Interaction.

Dynamic Component creation requires SketchUp Pro, and Component Interaction requires SketchUp Make. Interaction does not (currently) work in SketchUp Viewer, much less on a web page.

Thus I’m fairly confident that the interactive text was added outside of SU or LO.

If you want details on how to do it within Sketchup (and only viewable within Sketchup), let me know and I’ll detail it.

Thank you - the files I saw were outside SU - at this site:

So it must be another software or add-on.

That text isn’t done in Sketchup at all. That’s all web stuff.

Thanks - I’ll pursue it that way.

Look at the web page source code and you’ll see that it’s a java script.

i would be interested in details on how to add an interactive text inside sketchup using a dynamic component; could you explain please?

In LayOut you have options to add autotexts like face area or dynamic component properties in a leader, but in SketchUp the options are more limited.


thank you for the answer

i kept on trying to find a solution, and there is one in sketchup, using
dynamic components

  • select the component

  • right clic >dynamic component>component attribute

  • clic on add an attribute and select onclick

  • then clic on the white rectangle and then on functions on top of the

  • select a function, sketchup function, alert

  • type any message to replace the word “message”

  • close the window

from now on, if you clic on the component, the message appears in a


This is a much better answer than the one I was about to give (which involved nested components - I was almost finished my demo component when – bug splat!). So given this answer, I’m abandoning my demo component!