Need help putting a door on my offset smoker for a school project

Offset_Smoker_2023.stl (24.3 KB)
Offset_Smoker_2023.skp (373.9 KB)
I need help making the door a separate part of my offset smoker but I don’t have the modeling experience to do so.

Draw a box that will pass through the barrel where you want the door. Open the barrel component (all the way into the cylinder, not the nested parent component) for editing and select the surface, right click on it and choose Intersect Faces>With Model.

Delete the box, select the surface of the door, and make it a component/

After that you can rotate it open if you want.
Screenshot - 12_12_2023 , 3_37_30 PM

How are you using the model once you have it completed?

I am in a high school welding class & I built a project last year but did not have to scale drawings which caused me to lose a couple of points, the judges mentioned using computer software to make sure they were to scale so I found this website and am slowly learning the process.

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How much detail does your drawing have to provide? Have youu already built it or is this to become shop drawings?

I tried doing what you mentioned but when I outline a component it is not separate from the model
Screenshot 2023-12-13 10.33.01 AM
If I were to rotate the piece it only rotates the outline, not the door itself. What can i do to change this?

Try drawing the rectangle using the Line tool and make sure to stay on axis, green and blue.

I have built it basically to the point I am at in the model minus the door hinges and handles

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It still creates the outline as a component rather than cutting it from the base component.

You need to edit the barrel, select the surface of it and intersect those faces with the model, not the faces of the box. Video coming in a moment.

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No sound to keep the file size down. I hid the rest of the model for clarity, made a component of just the barrel/cylinder, and set out a guideline where I wanted the bottom of the door to be. When drawing the vertical edges as well as the top horizontal edge I loocked the direction with the cursor keys. Instead of figuring out where to place the box so it is centered on the barrel I initially made the box the full length of the barrel and then shortened it by the same amount at both ends with Push/Pull so it’s automatically centered. Note that I opened the barrel component for editing and right clicked on the surface before running Intersect Faces.

This is in the desktop version but all the steps would be exactly the same in SketchUp Free.

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Thank you the door is now separate and opens correctly.
Screenshot 2023-12-13 11.10.38 AM


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