How to "Pierce" a Cylinder

In the attached file, I need to show an opening in the cylinder in the position shown by the lines, to the right of the ‘door’ shown. How would one go about doing this?

Chamber.skp (256.0 KB)

First, should the wall and the door have some thickness?

Is this close to what you are trying to achieve?


Thank you, Dave! I’m beginning to feel like I should be paying you for lessons.

I thought that I had given the cylinder walls a thickness of an eight (or maybe 1/16") thickness but perhaps not.

Would you, please, explain how you drew the opening?

Thank you, again, Master!

It would be easier if I show you live. Got time now?

Sorry, Dave. Didn’t see the post. Wife had me out on a hot dog lunch trip.

If you are free, so am I at the moment.

Don’t let me interfere with your sucking up to Dave, but here’s a possible approach.


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Thanks, Gully!

Guess I have 2 of you to suck up to now!

rh, I sent you a PM. Gully’s method is good, too.

Thanks to Gully and to Dave, here is the finished product. It is a drawing for my sheet metal working supplier to make a pizza oven and cold smoking chamber for my Weber 22.5" kettle grill. The latch is courtesy Christopher R. and the 3D Warehouse


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Cool project Is that to sit on top of the Weber?

Yes, it is a take off on a product available for sale. I wanted to put a bit of a different spin on it. I will have a firebrick base fabricated that will sit on the cooking grate. The chamber sits where the lid normally sits and the lid sits atop the chamber. It should get up to around 700° F after the fire bricks absorb enough heat.

The chimney on the side is not a chimney at all but an inlet for cold smoking. I have a device that holds wood pellets that I light and place inside a mail box and connect a 3" tube from the mailbox to the inlet on the chamber. This will allow me to smoke cheese without having a fire in the grill. The idea is to keep the smoke chamber below 80° F which should be possible except in Summer when ambient temps are too high.

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NEAT . . Like it ! May even make one for grill to make or heat a Pizza

pizza.skp (368.2 KB)

What, you couldn’t scrape together a couple of comments to summarize your objectives in posting?

Seeing your file sitting here unattended is like seeing a deserted duffel bag in a train station: the prudent thing to do is to walk quickly away from it.


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Actually, I think that bag belongs to me. :sunglasses: