Hole in Foam Ceiling Board

Hi Sketch up community

I have a client who wants to put a stainless steel chimney through his Foam Ceiling. Now I am trying to draw a picture showing the pipe going through the ceiling and a gap between the ceiling and the pipe. I draw the ceiling making it look like a pine slated ceiling and put a circle on the board then tried to use the push pull tool to get the hole in the board. Can’t get that right. Hopefully you guys can come to my rescue again.


It would be easier to give you exact help if we had the SKP file. In general, though, I would draw a cylinder the size of the hole and intersect it with the ceiling panel using Intersect Faces. Then erase/delete what isn’t hole.

Hi DaveR. Thanks for the response. How would I show you an SKP file.

Upload it in a forum post using the Upload button, 7th from the left, at the top of the message window.

I am going to try and use LinkedIn. I assume that is what you meant.

No. That’s not what I meant at all. I’m not sure how you got that idea from what I wrote.

When you make a reply here in the forum (not via e-mail) there’s a row of buttons across the top of the message window. The 7th button from the left is the Upload button. Click on it and attach your SKP file.

Ok. On the top of my msg page there are only the Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc buttons. But I will keep trying to find it.

Let me not waste your time any further. I am going to try and do as you explained first. Thanks

Good luck with it.

As for the buttons. Are you looking at the SketchUp Community Forum in an Internet browser? When you create a new post or reply to one, there’s a row of buttons immediately above where your text shows up. The first is a speech bubble, the next is B and then I. I’d make a screenshot to post but I’m on my phone.

that’s fine. I found it and did what you said. But don’t see the post. Obviously did it wrong. So going to try again.

You sent me a private message which I got. I’ll look at your file shortly.

I sent you a reply to your PM.

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