Transitioning from line drawing to component


I am new to SketchUp trying to create a smokebox for a model locomotive. It is simply a circle with a rectangle centred with two arcs to smooth the edges…all seemed to be going ok…I created the line drawing and turned it into a component…

But when I select I get a blue box around my drawing that was not something I put in place!

It means that I cannot pull…

Now I may have created this problem when I tried to centre the circle and the recta!ngle,I used the move tool but unsure if I did it right……

This is what i drew…

this is what I have after creating the component and selecting…

Any clues? Thanks in advance the support I have had from this forum has been fantastic.

Can you share the .skp file?

First, you need a face for Push/Pull to act on. You don’t appear to have that face. This could be due to the edges not laying on the same plane or because there is a small gap meaning you haven’t got a closed loop of edges.

Once you have the face, you also need to have the component open for editing so you can make modifications to it.

ahhhh - it could be a small gap…where I tried to smooth the edges…is there something I should do to ensure it is watertight?

stephenson smokebox.skp (87.6 KB)

Thank you Dave…

Two things:

  • you must open the component for edit before you can do anything to it
  • you should trace an edge to cause SU to create a face for pushpull to act on

One problem is that you’ve got a bad spot on each side.where the shape necks down. The curves don’t join properly.

I sent you a PM.


Steve shows you how to get the face but that will leave you with some geometry that needs to be resolved before the shape will be considered a solid. I’m not sure when edge segments you’ll want to get rid of or if you’ll wind up with the shape you really want with either of them.

Ah yes. I didn’t check for solid. Flaws the same on both sides:

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Yes. And I don’t think erasing either one of those edges before creating the face and running Push/Pull is going to result in the correct shape.

I guess that depends…it’s an awfully small difference!

True. It’s small but might be noticeable in the final product.

This is called the Bounding box and is the individual ‘Container’ for all groups and components. Solid blue means it is selected and closed for editing, dotted gray means the g/c is open for editing.

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