Need help making shapes a solid


Hi I just got into using sketchup and I am trying to make a 3d print of my ps4 just as a starting point. I have made the model and everything, but when I select it all and look at its properties, it says that it is not a solid. Since I am using the online version I can’t use the solid inspector plugin, or at least I can’t find a way to add that plugin. So if someone could take a look at my model and tell me where I am going wrong and how I can get it to recognize it as a solid that would be great.
Ps4.skp (259.0 KB)



There are internal faces, reversed faces, and stray edges. Hide the top surface and you’ll see an internal face and stray edge.

Select and delete them. There’ll be another internal face under the one you delete. Select and delete that one, too.

There’s another stray edge in the lower front left corner, too.

The faces surround that internal face need to be reversed. You should have only blue faces on the inside.



Thanks for the help, I got it finished and it recongnizes it as a solid.