Need help, error: "Failed to open document"

I’ll try. What version of SketchUp are you really using? Your profile says SketchUp Free (web) 2019 but there is no such version. What operating system? “19.0.685” is definitely not an operating system. Fix your forum profile while I see what I can do for you.

The file is corrupted. @colin might have better luck than I did but I wouldn’t count on it. Where were you saving the file to? Do you have the .skb version of the file? If so, share that. Maybe we can get something out if it for you.

I’ll look at it while you FIX YOUR FORUM PROFILE!

Digging into it, it would appear that you are using a cracked version of 2021. Is that correct?

Using a crack to get around purchasing a software license is theft. I won’t help you then.

What version of SketchUp are you using? There is no SketchUp for Schools 2021. Are you actually using a cracked version?

Then you have come to the wrong place for help. Using cracked software is illegal.

how daft do you have to be exactly to go to an official sketchup forum with official employees on it and openly say as your second message" I’m using a cracked version" exactly?

I mean REALLY ?

edit : and when I say Daft, I don’t mean daft, but there are a lot of words that are censored so… daft.

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