Failed to open document message

yesterday i were working on my sketch up file and i saved it today when i want to open it doesn’t open although i tried to use all the solutions . i need a help please

Share the .skp file with us so we can help you. Without it there’s no way we can help.

Your profile says you are using the SketchUp “Free Plan” which is the web based version. In order to share your file, go to your Trimble Connect account and download the file to your computer. Then upload it here. If it’s larger than 16 Mb, upload it to DropBox or WE Transfer and share the link.

okay thank you i will share it with you now , i downloaded before but i mean i have the free version for 30 days

You mean you have the SketchUp Pro or Studio license and are using the 30-day trial to evaluate whether or not SketchUp is suitable for your needs. That’s different. Thank you for updating your profile.

Uploading: REDHA’S…
YES I have the SketchUp Pro and I’m using the 30-day trial .

You have to make the file available. Change the permissions.

Try again or use a different file sharing service. You haven’t given permssion for others to open your file.

is the file available now ?

No. I get this message.
Screenshot - 6_17_2023 , 10_45_25 AM

Finally! Let’s see if I can open it. If not, maybe @colin can take a look.

Edit: No luck with that. Do you have the .skb backup file? Can you share that? Where are you saving your file? On a local drive or in the cloud?

I don’t know why this is so difficult for you. You’ve uploaded a .lnk file that is only 3 Kb not the .skb file which should be around 230 Mb.
Screenshot - 6_17_2023 , 10_58_50 AM

this one was skb file but when i were trying to open my sketchup file i made it skp

That wasn’t the right way to make it a .skp file. That file is no better.

At this point keep your fingers crossed that @colin can recover the file for you when he gets a chance. In the meantime you might want to create a new model so you can continue evaluating SketchUp.

Your files are pretty large. I’m guessing you were adding a lot of components from the 3D Warehouse. If so, try working with lower poly components and make sure you purge unused stuff to keep the model clean.

okay thank you

The first file you uploaded was I think a shortcut to the SKP. The SKB you uploaded wouldn’t recover for me, which does mean the SKP will probably fail as well. But it’s worth trying if you can find the real model file.

Hi Israel. First, what version of SketchUp are you really using. Your profile seems to imply 2021 Free Plan. Is that a cracked version? Fix your profile so it makes sense. 2021 does not identify an operating system.

Second, upload the file to We Transfer or Dropbox and share the link.

It’s a huge file, almost 1gb, it took a minute to open on my computer, I guess it’s loaded with objects from the 3D warehouse.

Its a messy file, a lot of things scattered over the work space, I´m purging it but its taking some time, there’s also a lot of incorrect tag usage and huge textures, I bet that after purging it and resizing the textures the file´s size will reduce more than 60%. I´ll upload it here once its done, but you must be patient cause its gonna take some time to sketchup to process all the model.

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