Need help creating the material on the roof

I need some advice on creating the roof liner as seen in this picture.

I appreciate it. Thank you :slight_smile:

If you need to create the tensile roof, you could use Curviloft plugin.

What do you mean by “material on the roof”?

Thank you for the tip.
I am trying to recreate the white material on the ceiling.

Thanks :slight_smile:

“Clothworks” plugin?

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I think that the shape of that ceiling already has it and brian3 wants only the material, which can be achieved with a JPEG seamless fabric texture. I’m not sure what is that “roof liner”.

There may be some confusion over the term “material”. The roof liner in the picture is made of material (fabric) and as you say, he may well have the geometry made to look like the shape of it and needs a “material” (sketchup texture) to put on it? … so a little ambiguous. So my interpretation of was that he needed to create the whole roof liner, but your interpretation may be correct?

I’ve been thinking about it but I do not know for sure. I incline to believe that your proposal to use Clothworks is the most appropriate.

I imagine it is the top liner hanging down from the roof and above the lamp and fan. (The roof itself could be any shape, maybe even flat and rectangular).
From what I’ve seen, the “Clothwork” plugin could be perfect for the job.

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Thanks guys!
I will check it out and see if I can get it to work. :slight_smile: