Carpet tassels

Is there any idea how to make tassels for a carpet in Sketchup?
All my attempts failed…

What model? With geometry or with texture?

In SketchUp you’ll need Helix Along Curve
Or you can use Make Fur plugin or Clothworks.
But it depends on what shape you want to get and what level of detail.

Thank you very much.
It sounds too hard for sketchup…
I just have a carpet in interior visualization, and wanted to add tassels.
like in the attached photo:

As the tassels is not the main subject of the situation, I wondered if there is a simple way to add it, yet get a good look of it.
And in addition, as you can see in the photo - the tassels are not arranged in a messed way, which makes it look natural

:thinking: Hmm!! You tried?

You can create them directly with V-Ray Fur (use maps for different arrangements in Density, Curl, etc.)


How about just importing a .png image of a rug with a transparent background?

Transparent RUG



COOL, I didn’t think about it.
I will try it
thanks a lot

What maps can be yosed? What you recomend?

Thanks for the PNG idea.
I am not sure if in Vray it will still be transparent?

You can test yourself and choose which maps you want. For example, for ‘Density Map’ you can use Checker. Also, try the others, such as Noise, but it depends on what you like. It’s up tu you.


Really nice. Thank you so much !!!
What map would you suggest for my example photo tassels?

You need to try and see. You can use Noise for Length, and turn on Curl and change the settings…


Thank you very much for all the wonderful ideas.
It is really “out of the box” way of thinking.
I didn’t think about it.
Thank you very very much!!! :100:

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This method is not as flexible or as cool :sunglasses: as what @mihai.s showing, and relies on a high quality source image for the rug, but it can be quick and easy.

I don’t know how Vray treats transparencies. I use Twinmotion and transparent textures work fine there.


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Nice and very simple to use.
I will try this method too.
Thank you very much :slightly_smiling_face:

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Using the method that endlessfix showed you, keep in mind that you can create a texture for DISP and BUMP in Materialize (or GIMP, Photoshop, Affinity). Don’t forget to set Color Space as Linear.


V-Ray (with Displacement)

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