Need help creating a tablecloth




I need to create a table which has a tablecloth that drapes over the top and then bunches (with a ribbon) at the table leg and then flows on to the floor (see the attached image). It also needs to have a specific linen applied to the material which I have in the form of an image file. It needs to look billowy and realistic and it’s beyond my current skill level.

Does anyone know of a tutorial out there which can help me learn how to do this or know where I can go to get someone to create this component for me?

Thanks in advance,



Have a look at the Clothworks extension here:

The curtains video is closest to what you’re trying to do. I haven’t tried Clothworks out yet, but it’s on my list…


This is absolutely perfect. Thank you so much.


Good luck. It’s really hard…

I made a proxy kinda like this…

But I couldn’t get it to look right…

I’m probably doing it wrong…

Check out this ClothWorks tutorial though… It’s really in-depth.